Oral Surgery

Extraction of impacted and non-impacted teeth (from “SISO”, supernumeraries and others; Removal of lesions and tumors; Changes in shape and volume of organs and tissues.


Aesthetic and Invisible Orthodontics; Fixed Orthodontics; Removable Orthodontics; Functional, Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics.


Implants in Aesthetic Zone; Short and Zygomatic Implants.


Resin and Ceramic veneers; Internal and external tooth whitening; Restorations in highly esthetic stratified resin; Gingivoplasty; Correction of gingival exposure; Correction of Color, size and shape of teeth; Closure of diastema (space between teeth).


Restoration and filling of cavities and wear on teeth using highly aesthetic and durable resins.


Removal of the pulp (nerve) from the interior of the pulp chamber and root canals and sealing them, allowing the maintenance of dental pieces without associated pathologies.

Oral Rehabilitation

Multidisciplinary intervention in order to rehabilitate function (chewing, phonetics and swallowing) and aesthetics in a stable and predictable way in the long term.


Scaling and root planing; scaling; Recovery of the health of the supporting tissues of the teeth (gum, ligament and bone); Gingivectomy and Osteotomy.

Pediatric dentistry

Children are not miniature adults and as such, their monitoring and treatment of their oral health should be carried out by a specialized dentist.

Occlusion and Joint Dysfunctions

Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems that involve the relationship and function of all the structures of the “mouth” (muscular, joint, teeth, soft tissue, tongue and others) with each other.

3D Digital Radiology

With the evolution of digital radiology systems, it is now possible to carry out exams in the office that allow us to obtain immediate and detailed three-dimensional images of your teeth and bone structure, allowing for efficient and personalized diagnosis and treatment plans.

Facial Harmonization

For natural reasons (aging) or others, we can have wrinkles, expression lines and sagging on the face and neck, namely in the peri-labial region, that occur due to the wear of collagen in the skin.

In certain cases much more pronounced and precociously than would be normal. With tooth loss, these wrinkles or loss of lip support usually become even more marked.

Facial harmonization consists of dermocosmetic procedures, namely the application of botox or hyaluronic acid in order to improve and redefine the contours of the face, pronouncing your smile, improving your image and self-esteem.


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